God Is Building Campaign

Essentially, our leaders and I want to encourage you to pray about giving sacrificially toward our campaign, to renovate and legalize our facility which is fully underway now!  Our team believes that the time has come to restore, legalize and renovate our entire facility.

To clarify, there are basically 3 major components of the project that we hope to complete.

1. Component 1: Facility Legalization- We need to obtain our Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) to satisfy the NYC Department of Buildings and obtain our Public Assembly Plan to satisfy the FDNY.

2. Component 2: Facility Renovation of Present Space- Renovating our present space includes exterior and interior work needing to be done but not limited to the following:

  • Repainting, re-stuccoing our building facade
  • Updating landscaping and repairing our parking lot

3. Component 3:  Facility Renovation of Future Space – The second floor in our main worship center, above our sanctuary, consists of 6,209 square feet, which needs to be renovated.  Presently the space is unusable but we hope to designate this area for future kids, youth, adult education and outreach ministry use.  Included in the plans for the 2nd floor space are a youth and children’s sanctuary, a new nursery, renovated kitchen and bathroom facilities and additional classrooms.  

Now I know that it's easy to get excited about our vision for the future but it's important to remember that the church is not a building. We, God's people are God's church! If this building was sold tomorrow, Throggs Neck Community Church would continue to be a thriving church in our community because we as God's people are His church. We are the living stones that God is building into His spiritual temple (1 Peter 2:5)!

However, while the church body is made up of people, the church building is in fact, the place where the church lives, so to speak. 

Think about it like this, you and I have a home where our family ‘lives’.  Home is where we lay our head; the place where our kids grow up.  Home is where we impart God’s values to our family members and share life’s most significant moments. Furthermore, our building facility is our spiritual home

Throggs Neck CC, which has its home at 2730 Bruckner Boulevard, has been the tangible place where many of us first met God or dedicated our lives to Him.  It’s been the home where many of us were water baptized, or dedicated our children unto the Lord.  But the truth is that there are a many more lost people that need a spiritual home where they can learn the way of the cross. 

Therefore, our leaders are now asking everyone that considers TNCC to be their home church consider doing two things:

  1. Give a 1 time, sacrificial cash offering toward our God is Building Campaign
  2. Make a 3 Year Pledge, either weekly or monthly, toward our God is Building Campaign

Remember, King David said, “I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.” 2 Sam. 24:24

Friends, it’s our partnership, together with God’s grace, that will help to build a House of worship for His glory!  To reiterate, we will only be able to complete the work that we can responsibly afford to complete!  Therefore, your partnership in our God is Building Campaign is vital.

God is performing a miracle in our midst!  Thanks in advance to those that are already giving toward our God is Building.  As well, thanks for being willing to add your faith and partnership to this precious process!

If you'd like to give now, follow this link and look for the tab for God is Building which is attached.


Pastor Nik