No Christ-follower was intended to live in isolation.  The Bible speaks nothing of "lone ranger" faith!  However, in more than 50 passages throughout the New Testament, God does speak of a "one another" type of faith.  One of the great benefits of our LifeGroups is that they provide individuals in our church and community with a practical laboratory in which to experience New Testament Community.  In our LifeGroups, you'll study the Bible in small groups and find a place to belong and people whom to share your life.

We believe that LifeGroups are instrumental to the spiritual growth and maturity of every believer.  LifeGroups help people get to know the God of the Word, share their problems and concerns, build deeper relationships with other believers, fulfill one of God's purposes for the church, fellowship. Fellowship is more than a hand shake on Sunday morning.  Fellowship is deep and sincere, non-superficial connection!  Therefore, every person in our church is strongly encouraged to join a LifeGroup.

Our Fall LifeGroup Semester is currently open for registration. The Fall Semester will begin Wednesday, September 12th and run through November 16th.  Please register as soon as possible as space is limited. In addition, please make sure to purchase your LifeGroup book prior to the start date.

If you have any questions, please contact Administrative Assistant Jennifer Perez at 718-597-3840.

*Childcare is provided for children 3 and older. 

 Adult LifeGroup 

Applying The Lord's Prayer  |   Begins, Wednesday September 12th

How did the Lord teach us to pray?  Why did He did he give us a specific model in Scripture to guide our prayers?   How can we apply the most famous of all prayers?  Join us this fall for an in depth look at the Lord's Prayer and how, when applied, can take our faith to a deeper, fuller and more meaningful level than ever before!

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Bible: Book of Romans

Begins Thursday, September 13th at 7 pm‚Äč

The book of Romans is the fullest and most comprehensive statement of Christianity. Authored by the apostle Paul under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, this piece of ancient writing has become the most influential letter in the world. In this lifegroup, you will go through the book of Romans to dig deeper into the word of God.

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James: The Warren Wiersbe Bible Study Series

Begins Friday, September 14th at 7 pm

Not everyone who grows old, grows up. There is a difference between age and maturity. James' letter was written to Christian Jews scattered throughout the Roman Empire. One of the major problems in the church was a failure on the part of many to live what they professed to believe. They also had problems with divisions caused by careless words. And many were dealing with worldliness. These Christians simply weren't growing up! This lifegroup is designed to go through an eight lesson reference of Wiersbe's commentary, "Be Mature".  There will be study questions and personal life application questions to guide you through the text and prompt life-changing decisions. 

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  Men's LifeGroup   

Life Lessons: The Book of Hebrews

Begins Friday, September 14th at 7 pm

The Max Lucado Life Lessons series continues to be one of the best-selling study guide series on the market today. For small group to individual use, intriguing questions, and profound reflections take the participant deeper into God's Word. "Keys to the Text" feature, and introduction material bring the Bible to life. 12 lessons also include Max's inspirational storytelling and devotions .

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Women's LifeGroup

Minor Prophets 1, LifeChange Bible Study   -

Minor Prophets 1: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah & Micah

Begins Friday, September 14th at 7 pm

In the Minor Prohets 1 you'll discover the prophetic testimonies of Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah. Written during a period of time ranging from the ninth century B.C. to the fifth, they present a progressive testimony of God's activity in the history of Israel and in the kingdom of God.

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Couple's LifeGroup

A Couple's Guide to a Growing Marriage (For married & engaged couples)

Friday, September 14th at 7 pm

Every marriage is a growing marriage. The real question is: are you growing closer together or further apart? If you’re content with the latter, don’t change a thing. However, if you desire the kind of marriage that keeps getting better, then you’ll need to be intentional. This book will start you in the right direction. A Couple’s Guide to a Growing Marriage teaches you how to...

  • Invite God into the details of your life and marriage

  • Listen in ways that deepen intimacy and friendship

  • Understand your spouse and be understood

  • Keep your love fresh and mutually engaging

  • Manage conflict constructively, not destructively

A Couple's Guide to a Growing Marriage Bible Study will teach you to share your life more fully with God, and as your relationship with God deepens, so will your relationship as a couple.

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