No Christ-follower was intended to live in isolation.  The Bible speaks nothing of "lone ranger" faith!  However, in more than 50 passages throughout the New Testament, God does speak of a "one another" type of faith.  One of the great benefits of our LifeGroups is that they provide individuals in our church and community with a practical laboratory in which to experience New Testament Community.  In our LifeGroups, you'll study the Bible in small groups and find a place to belong and people whom to share your life.

We believe that LifeGroups are instrumental to the spiritual growth and maturity of every believer.  LifeGroups help people get to know the God of the Word, share their problems and concerns, build deeper relationships with other believers, fulfill one of God's purposes for the church, fellowship. Fellowship is more than a hand shake on Sunday morning.  Fellowship is deep and sincere, non-superficial connection!  Therefore, every person in our church is strongly encouraged to join a LifeGroup.

Our Spring LifeGroup Semester is currently open for registration. The Spring Semester will begin Thursday, April 12th.  Please register as soon as possible as space is limited. In addition, please make sure to purchase your LifeGroup book prior to the start date.

If you have any questions, please contact Administrative Assistant Jennifer Perez at 718-597-3840.

*Childcare is provided for children 3 and older. 

 Adult LifeGroup 

Life Lessons: The Gospel of John     |     Begins Thursday, April 12th at 7 pm

Life Lessons with Max Lucado are twelve week studies with Reflection questions to begin your study, a Bible Reading section with text in both the NCV and NKJV, Discovery questions to help you explore the Bible, Inspirational thoughts from the writings of Max Lucado, Response questions for discussion, prayer, and room for journaling.

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Learn to Follow Jesus      |       Begins Friday, April13th at 7 pm

Learning to Follow Jesus will help you understand what it really looks like, step by step, to be a follower of Jesus. Discover how simple it is to just be with Christ. as you grow in the seven qualities of a disciple. You'll be encouraged to read Bible verses, answer questions and  apply the qualities to your everyday life.

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  Men's LifeGroups    

Life Lessons: Book of Genesis     |     Begins Friday, April 13th at 7 pm

Life Lessons on the Book of Genesis by Max Lucado is part of the Inspirational Bible Study Series. It is a workbook style study on the book of Genesis. Scripture in these lessons come from the NCV and the NKJV. Max Lucado is a very respected and loved author within the Christian communities and a perfect guide through biblical study and inward reflection.

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 Women's LifeGroups 

To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain     |     Friday, January 13th at 7 pm

What does Christian maturity look like? Find out when you take Chandler and Wilson's guided tour through Paul's Letter to the Philippians! Forsaking the trendy and emphasizing authenticity, they mine Scripture to reveal tangible ways to develop a faith that encourages you to die to self and live through, for, with, and in Jesus.

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Seated: Living from Our Position In Christ  |  Begins Friday April, 13th at 7 pm

Too many Christians go through life unaware of the riches we have in Christ. Discovering these blessings is the first step to living them out in daily life. Written for women, this Bible study of Ephesians will help you and your group explore who God created you to be, how you can have relationships filled with the Holy Spirit, and what you can do to take charge of your thoughts and emotions.

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Becoming a Woman of Strength     |     Begins Friday April, 13th at 7 pm

Best-selling author and Bible teacher Cynthia Heald helps us see that we're empowered with inner strength through God's Spirit and we can do all things through Christ. With quotes from carefully selected writers, real-life accounts of people who have demonstrated inner strength, this Bible study will encourage you to depend upon the strength of the Holy Spirit to commit, wait, seek, pray, serve, and persevere throughout your life.

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