We Were Created To Worship
Throggs Neck Community Church is God's Church and Christ is her architect and builder. As God's church, we exist to worship Jesus, glorify Him and advance His Kingdom before ours.  

God's Word Speaks Today
The Bible is verbally inspired by God and is our final authority on all matters of faith, doctrine, conduct and morality. Further, Throggs Neck Community Church seeks to present God's timeless truth in both a relevant and historically accurate context. 

Prayer Changes Things 
"My house is to be called a house of prayer." The effectiveness of our church is proportionate to our faithfulness in prayer. God's provision comes to us only in response to our faith expressed through prayer and fasting. 

The Spirit Gives Life
All ministry and spiritual activity is most effective and fruitful when offered under the guidance and anointing of God's Spirit.  

Enlistment Equals Engagement
Believers are a part of God's Army, and that Army is at war with a spiritual Enemy, the leader of which is Satan. The reality of the invisible realm of spiritual conflict demands biblical confrontation through intercession, worship, God's Word and ministry with discernment and grace.

People Over Programs
The church is not a business or self-help station, but a living organism made up of precious believers. We value all life and believe that loving people the way Jesus does is essential, second only to loving God.

Integrity Matters
The church will only be as strong as the individuals' commitment to model the character of Jesus Christ and walk intimately with the Holy Spirit.

Family is God's Idea
The biblically modeled family is God's foundation for a healthy church and strong society. As such, it should be nourished, served and strengthened. 

The Church Must Reach Out
We are called to "go into all the world." Therefore, the scope of our vision reaches beyond our community to the uttermost parts of the world. 

True Believers Are Sacrificial Givers
Each believer is called to be a faithful steward of his time, talent and treasure. We must be available to serve, minister selflessly and tithe of our finances.

We Are One Body
Any diverse community of human beings will have conflicts and misunderstandings. As believers we should be devoted to one another in love and remain committed to resolve our differences with a spirit of Christ-like unity.