WHAT IS BABY DEDICATION?  Throggs Neck Community Church provides parents with the opportunity to dedicate their children to the Lord. We believe it is the parent's charge to train their children to love the Lord, and through publicly dedicating their children, parents are making a covenant before the Lord and their church family. 

AT WHAT AGE ARE BABIES DEDICATED?   Typically, babies are under the age of 4. We have found that often times older children are aware and somewhat uncomfortable being the “oldest” and included with the “babies”, but there is no hard-and-fast rule.        

WILL I NEED TO SAY ANYTHING?   Yes, parents will need to respond in the affirmative when a question is posed.  

IS THERE A DRESS CODE FOR BABY DEDICATION?   Come any way you feel comfortable. Some people dress up for the occasion, and some are more casual. God looks at our hearts, not our attire.    

IS BABY DEDICATION A FAMILY EVENT?  This is a great time to celebrate your commitment to Christ with family and friends. Many parents invite family members to join them at the service and to celebrate afterwards.    

AM I REQUIRED TO BE A MEMBER OF THROGGS NECK COMMUNITY CHURCH?   Yes.  To clarify, at least one parent must be a member of Throggs Neck Community Church to have their child dedicated at our church.   However, there are instances where parents who regularly attend our church can have their child dedicated even if they're not yet members of TNCC.   Please contact our office at (718) 597-3840, for further clarification or questions regarding this position.      

HOW DO I SIGN UP?   Complete the Baby Dedication Questionnaire at least 1 week prior to the service date (receipt will be acknowledged by the office).  Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the dedication service (typically 9:30 am). Please complete the online Baby Dedication Questionnaire by Clicking Here.