Discipleship Strategy

Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20

Discipleship Defined:  
Discipleship is moving from unbelief to Belief in the Gospel in every area of life, changing what you love and how you live.
Why is a formal Discipleship Strategy Necessary?  
The one imperative (command) in the Great Commission (cf. Mt. 28:18-20) is to make disciples.   Therefore, to fulfill the command of Jesus, we have developed this process to visually aid people in seeing both their current reality and clear next steps.  

Our Discipleship Strategy at TNCC

C- Come and See Jesus

The First C in our Discipleship Strategy is Come and See Jesus, our Hero!   The Four Gospels show us Jesus inviting His earliest disciples to be with Him.  Then, His disciples invited others into relationship with our Lord, the hero of our faith, words and actions.  In a similar way, we see this first C as an open invitation to encounter Jesus, for anyone that is starting, or already on, their discipleship journey!

See Jesus in Sunday Worship
  • At TNCC, we gather as a large group on Sundays to sing unto Jesus, hear God’s Word and serve one another in community.  Sunday Worship is available in person and online.  Click here for more information on our Sunday Worship Services.  
See Jesus As Savior
  • Are you ready put your trust in Jesus as Lord and Leader of your life?  If so, we are thrilled and want to know!  Please fill out the salvation form and one of our TNCC Team Members will be in touch shortly to talk about next steps! 
Come Be Water & Spirit Baptized
  • Water Baptism is an essential public moment where believers affirm their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Leader and are baptized in water.  For more information, or to be water baptized, kindly fill out the Water Baptism form and one of our TNCC Team Members will be in touch with your shortly to talk about next steps!
  • Spirit Baptism occurs when a believer in Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit.  The initial evidence of Spirit Baptism is that believers speak in a new prayer language.  Additionally, as result of Spirit Baptism, believers are emboldened to share their faith, walk deeply with Christ and gifted to serve others.  For more information on Spirit Baptism, kindly fill out the Spirit Baptism form and one of our TNCC Team Members will be in touch with your shortly to talk about next steps!
 See Jesus through Digital Discipleship
  • Engage with Jesus personally, or in groups with our ever growing, robust on demand digital TNCC discipleship resource library.
  • For information on how to subscribe to RightNow Media, which is our free ‘Christian Netflix’ we offer at TNCC, click here.
  • For our TNCC YouTube Channel click here, Facebook Page click here, and other Social Media accounts, Instagram, click here and Twitter, click here. 
  • Download our TNCC App, click here or browse our TNCC Website to explore our church’s vision, values, beliefs, small groups, events, services and more!
Come and Be Formed By Jesus
  • In our Formed YouTube Videos, discover the discipleship environments and spiritual habits that lead to a life that is deeply formed in Jesus Christ.  The video content is inspirational, practical and interactive!  To access our Formed Videos Series on spiritual habits, anytime, click here

C- Connect In Community

The Second C in our Discipleship Strategy is all about connecting and doing life together as one church family.    If you’re ready to take a next step and build networks of relationships with other Christ followers and like- minded community members check out ways to Connect in Community at TNCC, below.

Connect With Dinner Parties
  • Dinner parties are opportunities to eat together in community within the confines of selected TNCC members homes during the Spring and Fall months.  If you’re looking to form friendships and eat well, please join us!  More details to be provided.
Connect in Small Groups 
  • We believe that Small Groups are instrumental to the spiritual growth and maturity of every believer. Small Groups help people get to know the God of the Word, build deeper relationships with other believers and fulfill one of God's purposes for the church, in fellowship.   We have Small Groups for Adults of all ages.  Click here for a current list of groups and join us!
Connect to a Ministry Team
  • Want to make an impact by serving others?  At TNCC there are so many ministry opportunities, click here for you to consider both inside and outside the church walls! 
Connect in Prayer
  • Wednesday is the most important day of the week as it’s the day we corporately pray together as one church family!  For more details regarding our Wednesday Prayer Gatherings, click here or to request prayer, click here
Connect in Music
  • Singing together is one of the best ways we practice community at TNCC.  From Sunday Worship gatherings to regularly scheduled Night’s of Worship, TNCC is alive to Christ centered music.  If you want playlists for our favorite worship songs, click here, are interested in joining our Worship Team, click here, feel welcome!
Connect to Family Ministries
  • At TNCC we minister to the entire family.  During select Fridays we have Family Night, click here as well as Small Groups, click here on other evenings of the week.  If you would like to find out more information regarding our church’s ministry to youth, click here, children, click here, young adults, click here, men, click here, or women, click here. 
Connect with Pastors and Leaders
  • At TNCC our Pastoral Staff and Trustees are available and accessible to serve you and your family.  To see a list of our Pastoral Staff and Trustees, click here. If you would like to setup a time to connect with one of our TNCC Pastors or Trustees, please click here and we’ll get on it!
Connect in Growth Track
  • Growth Track is a series of classes designed for you to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ, whether you’re a new believer or seasoned believer. This course uses the Bible to guide you through five foundational topics and is a pre-requisite for membership at TNCC. Click here for our Membership Application.
Connect to Community Events
  • At TNCC, we are for Throggs Neck!  For more information on some of our upcoming Community Events, click here or here for ways to serve our community, please visit our resource page on our website and app.
Connect to TNCC-U
  • We recognize that our TNCC Leaders and Staff serve on the frontline of our church’s discipleship strategy.  Therefore, at various points in the year, we offer special ‘master classes’ for key leaders serving our entire body to refresh and inspire their hearts, so that they can grow, be healthy and continue to joyfully lead others. 
Connect Through Giving
  • God is generous and calls disciples to be generous.  If you would like to begin or continue your generosity journey at TNCC, click here and help us continue to share the good news of Jesus both locally and globally.

C- Commit & Lead Others

The Third C in our Discipleship Strategy is Commit and Lead Others.  Disciples live a life worth sharing and share it generously and intentionally.    Here are some of the ways we hope you join us in the journey:

Lead Others Through Learning to Follow Jesus
  • Learning to Follow Jesus is an 8-week, one-on-one discipleship process designed to enrich, empower and assist an individual in strengthening their walk with Jesus. These step-by-step guides will help individuals learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus and disciple other Christ followers.  Click here for more info
Commit to Living Out Acts 2
  • Ever wonder how to make Jesus the hero of your home and block?  In this small group based on Acts 2:42-47, you'll learn how to put the principles from this passage into practice within your marriage, family and neighborhood.  Living Out Acts 2, is currently being offered as a Small Group.  See our Small Groups page for more details.
Commit to C3 Class
  • C3 is an 8-week discipleship group focused on the essential elements of personal discipleship, biblical community, and making Christ’s mission to make disciples, your mission.  At the end of the 8 weeks, you will be asked to form your own C3 group and begin the work of discipleship.  Click here for more info.
Commit to Leadership Track
  • At TNCC we believe that everyone is called to influence others through their faith, words and actions.  In this small group, you’ll learn the basics of Christ centered, servant leadership and be empowered to use your influence in the local church, community and marketplace.  More details to be provided.
Lead Others To Meet Jesus
  • Sharing the gospel and leading others to follow Jesus is an essential Christian practice.  In this small group, you’ll learn the barriers to effective evangelism, how to personally share your testimony and the gospel, overcome common objections to Christianity and more.  There will also be opportunities for the group to get outside the four walls of the church and evangelize.  More details to be provided.