Vision &  Values

Our Vision

One church family consumed with making Jesus our hero in our faith, words and actions.

Our Mission

Love God. Love People.  Love Truth. Love Life.

Our Values

Jesus Matters:
It is that simple. We are a Christ-Centered, gospel focused, spirit filled, biblically based church. Jesus is central in everything we do, in church and out of church.

People Matter:
 People matter to God and us. We want people to feel loved, accepted, valued, served and right at home. Further, we want people to encounter God in such a powerful way that they gladly desire to follow Jesus.

Giving Matters:
God will bless our church in proportion to how we give to advance the gospel worldwide and compassionately care for the poor.

Our People Values

 We do our job, competently, faithfully and with a positive attitude, refusing to make excuses.
 Honesty in everything matters.

We are gospel centered, Christ followers, living out our radical faith through measurable spiritual disciplines and consistent actions.

We strive to speak warmly, smile broadly, bear one another's burdens, listen well and return good for evil always.

Rather than being critical, we seek to lift up people, treating them with dignity given to them by their creator.

 We are sharp, on point, self-aware, focused and hungry to grow, approaching life with our eyes wide open.

Like Christ, we exist to serve others, first.

We are coachable, approachable, teachable, not easily offended and readily open to feedback.

 We give above and beyond the norm, with our time, talents and treasure.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do know how to laugh and hang out together.