Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

About Missions

The most important duty of missionaries is to teach people about Jesus Christ and His great commandment to love God and to love others by focusing on the needs of the community and integrating those needs with evangelism. Throggs Neck Community Church supports 17 TNCC Ministry Teams and 20 missionaries in 12 nations.
Jesus gave the church a very clear command-evangelize the world. But each church cannot do this alone. The only way we can reach the world is to support the work of missionaries.
Mission Sunday may be over, but our vision and desire to continue in supporting our foreign and local missionaries still goes on. If you have yet to make a decision to support missions, here's what we ask of you:
STEP 1 | Pray on it!
STEP 2 | Complete our Faith Promise Pledge Form for 2022.
STEP 3 | Give safely & Securely Online. 

7 Ways To Pray For Our Missionaries

  1. Pray for missionaries' strength and stamina 
  2. Pray for missionaries to remain physically healthy
  3. Pray for missionaries to be guided by the Spirit into wise ministry decisions
  4. Pray for their families to grow strong together
  5. Pray for believers to be inspired to support missionaries in giving
  6. Pray for those they minister to, that they'll be drawn to Christ and grow in faith
  7. Pray for America and the Countries around the world

They are sharing the life-transforming light of Christ EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Active Missionary Highlight


For the past couple of months, they have been meeting with a few of the Muslim background believers from their church plant and several guys who are curious about the Bible and searching for truth. They have discussed topics like why the cross is needed and faith vs. good works. At the beginning of these meetings, their Egyptian ministry partner challenged the group to spend a year seeking with all their hearts if the Bible is true. The group committed to genuinely pursing the truth together.

Pray for this group-that God would give them wisdom as they lead those guys through the Bible study and answer their tough questions. May God give them the words to speak. Pray the Holy Spirit would illuminate their hearts to the truth and that it would transform them to a new life in Christ!

They thank you for all your faithful prayers and financial support.